Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Feb. 13. Francisco Fortuno Bernier, The Necessity and Limitsof Linguistic Populist Strategy: the Podemos Project in Spain

Feb. 27. Amy Austin Holmes, Kurdish Conundrums and Arab Revolutions

March 6. Wilson Sherwin, Towards a Future Without Work: The Radical Imaginaries of the Welfare Rights Movement

March 13.   Lilian Mathieu, The Space of Social Movements, Danielle Zach, discussant

March 20. Luke Elliot-Negri, Exceptions to Exceptionalism: Left Third Parties in the 20thand 21st Century

April 10. Nicholas Rush Smith, The Politics of Death: Young Men and Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa

April 17. Jillian Schwedler, Protesting Jordan

April 24. Andre Luis Leite, Why they still fight like this? Notes about “militantes” and their subjectivities

May 1. Olena Nikolayenko, Women’s Engagement in Contentious Politics: Findings from Ukraine. Discussant: Anh Tran

May 8. AK Thompson – Citing History: The Uses of the Past for Mobilization