Spring 2017

Schedule – Spring 2017

Attention: During the Spring we’ll be meeting Tuesdays from 4:15-6:15 in the Political Science thesis room on the 5th floor.

February 14: Vacant


February 28: cancelled


March 7: Burak Dogu

“Environment as politics: Framing the Cerattepe protest in Twitter”

Discussants: Kumru Toktamis and Ralph Chipman


March 14: AK Thompson

The Life and Death of Autonomy: How Might Politics Be Subverted Today?

Discussants: Dan Sherwood (one slot free)


March 21: Daphne Carr

“Sound Protocols: Changing Regimes of Protestor Care by Street Medics in the Age of LRAD”



March 28: John Krinsky,

Time for Movements” 

Discussants: Andreas Koller


April 4: Haj Yazdiha

“’Dr. King Would Be Outraged!’ Constructing Movement Strategy through the Politics of Credibility” 

Discussant: Heather McKee Hurwitz

April 25 : Julie Hollar, 

“LGBT Movement Impact on Argentina’s Gender Identity Law.” 



May 2: Carole Villiger 

The emotional discourse of an activist on his engagement and disengagement of ISIS : between social norms, memory and oblivion“.

Discussants: Haj Yazdiha and Charlotte Hébert


May 9: Lesley Wood 

Temporary Autonomous Zones: Anarchist Gatherings, 1988-2017

Discussants: AK Thompson and Carole Villiger