Spring 2016


February 11. Joyce Gelb. “Comparing Two Asian Youth Protest Movements” [Paper]

Critics: Lauren Young and Jessica MahlBacher

February 25. Courtney Frantz. “Trickle-Down Strategy? Strategic Funding, Worker Centers, and Foundation Influence”

Critics: Abby Scher and Carolina Bank Muñoz


March 3. Bjarke Skærlund Risager. “Convergence as organization: Blockupy against the ECB” [Paper]

Critics: Nara Roberta Silva and Emily Campbell

March 10. Tinka Schubert. “Social Movements for Gender Violence Prevention in Spanish Universities” [Paper]

Critics: David Bozzini and Bjarke Skærlund Risager


April 7. Aliza Luft. “The Sounds of Silence: Explaining French Bishops’ Support for the Statut des Juifs” [Paper]

Critics: John Krinsky and Ralph Chipman

April 14. David Siegel. “State Power, ‘Preexisting’ Social Networks, and Protest Mobilization in Post-Soviet Central Asia” [Paper]

Critics: Tania Rodriguez Mora and James Jasper

April 21. Lauren Young. “The psychology of political risk: The effect of fear on participation in collective dissent” [Paper]

Critics: Danielle Zach and Sebastian Guzman

April 28. Jonathan Blake. “The Puzzle of Participation in Contentious Rituals” [Paper]

Critics: Nicholas Smith


May 5. Danilo Mandic. “Gangsters and Other Patriots: A Model of Organized Criminal Relations to Host State and Separatist Movement” [Paper]

Critics: Jonathan Blake and David Siegel

May 12. Jack Hammond. “Relations of Media Production in Occupy Wall Street” [Paper]

Critics: AK Thompson and Penny Lewis

May 19. Carla de Castro Gomes. “Body and difference in the Brazilian contemporary feminist movement: the case of the Rio de Janeiro Slut Walk (Marcha das Vadias)” [Paper]

Critics: Heather Hurwitz and Geisa Mattos De Araujo