Fall 2016


September 22. Hadas Aron. Monopolizing the Nation – Evidence from the Israeli Settlement Issue on Right Wing Capture of National Lexicon and Symbols

Critics: James Jasper and Cecelia Walsh-Russo


October 6.  José A. Laguarta Ramírez. ‘Not a motor, but a lever’: Leadership Competition and Expansive Learning in a Student Anti-Austerity Movement

Critics: AK Thompson and Nara Roberta Silva

October 13. Anastasia Shesterinina. “Mobilization under Uncertainty: From Fleeing to Fighting in War-Time Abkhazia”

Critics: Stacy Williams and Nicholas Rush Smith

October 20. Daniel Sherwood. “Imagining American Democracy: Meaning as Motivation and Stake in Collective Actor Formation

Critics: B Lee Aultman and Carlos Pineyro

October 27. Tania Rodríguez Mora. “From Tlatelolco to Ayotzinapa. The Struggles of Mexican Left

Critics: Julie Hollar and Juan Cruz Ferre


November 3. Guya Accornero. Militants’ trajectories in Portugal from Dictatorship to Democracy

Critics: John Krinsky and Elke Zuern

November 10. James M. Jasper et al. “Gains and Losses: Applying a Players/Arenas Perspective to Movement Outcomes

Critics: Guya Accornero and Hadas Aron

November 17. Jessica Mahlbacher. An Ivory Refuge in a Storm:  Strategy and Universities in Occupy Central and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Critics: Joyce Gelb and Heather Hurwitz


December 1. Danielle Zach Kalbacher. “The ‘Transnational Villagers,’ Republican Patriarchs, and Union Chieftains.”

Critics: Penny Lewis and Philip Johnson