Fall 2015


September 17. James Jasper “Activism and Scholarship” [Paper]

Critics: AK Thompson, Carolina Bank Muñoz

September 24. Irina Soboleva “From Protest to Civil War: Explaining the Contentious Cycles in Ukraine.”

Critics: Susan Woodward, Jonathan Blake


October 1. David Bozzini. “Fears and emotional reflexivity among Eritrean Activists in Switzerland” [Paper]

Critics: Jeff Goodwin, Anna Zhelnina

October 8. Elliott Prasse-Freeman. “Grassroots protest movements and mutating conceptions of ‘the political’ in an evolving Burma” [Paper]

Critics: Elke Zuern, Vince Boudreau

October 15. Francisco Fortuno Bernier. “Puerto Rican Nationalisms: re-reading popular and national struggles on the road to the foundation of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” [Paper]

Critics: José Laguarta, James Jasper

October 22. Carolina Bank Muñoz. “Wal-Mart Workers in Chile: A Case of Union Democracy, Militancy, and Strategic Capacity.” [Paper]

Critics: Elliott Prasse-Freeman, Frances Fox Piven

October 29. Julie Hollar. “Talking About Marriage Equality: Constructing State-Society Relationships in Argentina and the US” [Paper]

Critics: David Bozzini, Sarah Uhlmann


November 5. Nara Roberta Silva. “The oldness of the new and the newness of the old: comparing the Occupy Wall Street movement and the alterglobalization movement and picturing their connections” [Paper]

Critics: Gianmarco Savio, Cecelia Walsh-Russo

November 12. John Krinsky. “Deeper than Dilemmas: Toward a Critical-Pragmatic Sociology of Movements” [Paper]

Critics: Nara Roberta Silva, Chris Bonastia

November 19. José Laguarta. “The Neoliberal Social Movement From Above at the University of Puerto Rico” (MEETING AT ROOM 4419) [Paper]

Critic: Ricardo Gabriel, Ralph Chipman

November 26 – CUNY closed


December 3. Sarah Maddison and Rachael Diprose. “Narratives of violence: Mobilising historical discourse for conflict transformation in contemporary politics” [Paper]

Critics: Irina Soboleva, Sujatha Fernandes