– Fall 2014 Schedule

Thursdays, 4.15-6.15, Room 6112.01 (Sociology Department, 6th Floor)

September 18: Cecelia Walsh-Russo, “The spread of British and American abolitionist movements.” [Paper]
Critics: Darren Kwong, Nicholas Smith.

September 25: Anne Nassauer, “Policing and the emergence of violence”
Critics: Lee Ann Fujii, Gabriele Cappelletti.

October 2: Sujatha Fernandes, “Storytelling as a Resource: From Truth Commissions to Camp Obama.” [Paper]
Critics: Luke Elliott, Chris Bonastia.

October 9: Special panel discussion in lounge with CUNY faculty.

October 16: Jonathan Blake, “Identity on the March: Participating in Contentious Rituals in Northern Ireland.” [Paper]
Critics: Sebastian Guzman, Sarah Maddison.

October 23: Tarun Banerjee, “Business Unity and Anti-Corporate Social Movement Protests in the U.S., 2010.” [Paper]
Critics: Gianmarco Savio, Abby Scher.

October 30: Steven White, “For Democracy and a Caste System? World War II, Race, and Democratic Inclusion in the United States.” [Paper]
Critics: Hélène Baillot, Penny Lewis.

November 6: Luke Elliot, “An Exception to Exceptionalism? Why the Working Families Party Works.” [Paper]
Critics: Jessica Mahlbacher, AK Thompson.

November 13: Lee Ann Fujii, “Sideshows and main attractions: Performances of extra-lethal violence.” [Paper] Critic: Christopher Sullivan, Cecelia Walsh-Russo

November 20: Hélène Baillot, “Assessing a transnational mobilization’s success. Insights from the Jubilee 2000 campaign.” [Paper] Critics: Ralph Chipman, Jonathan Blake.

December 4: John Krinsky, “Leadership, representation, and the right to the city: the New York City Community Land Initiative.”
Critics: Katherine Krimmel, Michael Gould-Wartofsky.