Spring 2015

Thursdays, 4.15-6.15, Room 6112.01 (Sociology Department, 6th Floor)


February 19. Philip Balsiger. “Grub first, then ethics? Contentious struggles on the values of chickens and eggs.” [Paper]

Critics: Caroline Lee, Gabriele Cappelletti

February 26. Nicholas Smith. “Historical Romanticism: How Intimacy Drove Popular Justice in South Africa’s History”

Critics: Youssef El Chazli, Jeff Goodwin


March 5. Christopher Sullivan (co-authored with Christian Davenport). “If You Arrest a Revolutionary, Do you Arrest the Revolution? Exploring the Micro-level Effects of Political Repression on Social Movement Activism” [Paper]

Critics: Naomi Murakawa, Jonathan Blake

March 12. Caroline Lee. “Democratic Accountability and Demobilization in Higher Education.”

Critics: Philip Balsiger, Tarun Banerjee

March 26. Kostis Kornetis. “Marx, Coca-Cola and the Greek Colonels. Rethinking Student Resistance in the “Long 1960s”” [Paper]

Critics: Cecelia Walsh-Russo, Ralph Chipman


April 2. Manisha Desai. “The Gendered Geography of Par-Purna Adivasi Sangathan in South Gujarat”. [Paper]

Critics: Kumru Toktami, …

April 9. Spring break

April 16. Youssef El Chazli. “Becoming a revolutionary in Egypt’s «2nd capital»: a decentered study of political crises.”

Critics: Luke Elliott, Jill Schwedler

April 23. Anna Zhelnina. “Mechanisms of political apathy: powerlessness or indifference?” [Paper]

Critics: Susan Woodward, Jessica Mahlbacher

April 30. Jessica Mahlbacher. “Subversive Images: Images of Mao in Chinese Nationalist Demonstrations.” [Paper]

Critics: AK Thompson, Cecelia Walsh-Russo

May 7. Tine Destrooper. Transitional justice and women’s mobilization in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Interaction between local and transnational discourses

Critics: Christopher Sullivan