Spring 2013

February 7: AK Thompson: “ ‘Occupation’ Between Conquest and Liberation”
Critics: Beate Sissenich, John Krinsky Paper

February 14: Bogdan Vasi: “Protest in the Internet Age: Public Attention, Social Media, and the Spread of “Occupy”  Protests in the United States”
Critics: Emily Campbell, Kevin Moran

February 21: Jose Aleman: Protest Pays: How Social Protest is Realigning Democratic Politics around the World” Paper
Critics: Mona El Ghobashy

February 28: CANCELLED

March 7: Alex Vitale: “Managing Defiance: The Policing of the Occupy Wall Street Movement”
Critics: Hector Cordero-Guzman Paper


March 21: Sidney Tarrow: “What’s in a Word? Repertoires of Contentious Language”
Critics: John Krinsky Paper

March 28: Spring Break

April 4:  Jillian Schwedler: “What Political Work Do Protests Do? Insights from six decades of protest in Jordan”
Critics: Cecelia Walsh-Russo, Kumru Taktamis Paper

April 11: Gianmarco Savio: “‘Everybody Came for a Different Reason’: Autonomy, Coordination, and Collective Action in Occupy Wall Street”
Critics: Jeff Goodwin, John Krinsky Paper


April 25: Cecilia Walsh-Russo “Mobilizing against hydrofracking: the diffusion and spread of recent anti-fracking campaigns”
Critics: John Krinsky, AK Thompson Paper

May 2: Aidan McGarry: “Pride and Prejudice: Roma/Gypsy Mobilisation and the Identity Dilemma”
Critics: Jonathan Smucker Paper

May 9: Emily Campbell: “Religion and the Occupy Wall Street Movement” with John Torpey and Bryan Turner
Critics: Chris Gunderson Paper

Thursdays, 4.15-6.15, Room 6112.01 (Sociology Department, 6th Floor)