Spring 2011

February 10: Robert Brym, “Combining Research and Activism in the Context of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Proposal.”
Critics: Kevin Moran. Jeff Goodwin. Paper

February 17: Ziad Munson, “Abortion and the Remaking of Conservative Politics.” Critics: John D. Boy, Chris Bonastia. Paper

February 24: Veronica Perera, “From Cochabamba to Colombia: Travelling Repertoires within Latin American Water Struggles.”
Critics: John Krinsky, Lindsay Green-Barber. Paper

March 3: Caroline Lee, “Civic-izing Markets: Selling Social Profits in Public Deliberation.”
Critics: Ann Mische, Geoffrey Pleyers. Paper

March 10: Hortencia Jimenez, Laura Barberena, and Michael P. Young, “‘It Just Happened’: Anxiety, Defiance and Emergent Collective Action in the Student Walkouts of 2006.”
Critics: Frances Fox Piven, Alex S. Vitale. Paper

March 24: Geoffrey Pleyers, “Food movements: Giving consumers and the market a chance to change society?”
Critics: Janet Poppendieck, Nicole Doerr. Paper

March 31: Laure Bereni, “Thinking the Transversality of Contentious Politics: The Field of Women’s Advocacy.”
Critics: Jan Willem Duyvendak, Gordon Douglas. Paper

April 7: Yakov Lowinger, “Movements of Society or Social Movements? Ideology in the Shaping of Movement Dynamics in 1980s Eastern Europe.”
Critics: James Jasper, John Krinsky. Paper

April 14: Helene Baillot, “The Division of Labor within Activist Networks. The Case of the Jubilee 2000 Campaigners.”
Critics: Veronica Perera, Jane McAlevey. Paper

April 28: Kate Krimmel, “Special Interest Partisanship: The Transformation of American Political Parties.”
Critics: Vince Boudreau, Susan Woodward. Paper

May 5: Jocelyn Viterna, “Women in War: The Micro-processes of Mobilization in El Salvador.”
Critics: Robin Wagner-Pacifici, Kate Krimmel. Paper, Contextual Notes