Spring 2010

February 4: Elke Zuern, “Memorial Politics: Competing Narratives in the Long Struggle for Namibian Independence.”
Critics: Jens Rudbeck, Jim Jasper. Paper

February 18: James M. Jasper, “Emotions and Social Movements: Fifteen Years of Theory and Research.”
Critics: Louis Esparza, Guobin Yang. Paper

February 25: Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, “Mobilizing Practices in American Electoral Campaigns.”
Critics: Heidi Swarts, Jim Jasper, Bogdan Vasi. Paper

March 4: Vince Boudreau, “Disaggregating Contention in Democratic Transition: Indonesia and the Philippines Compared.”
Critics: Elke Zuern, Kevin Moran. Paper

March 11: Amy Stuart, “The Moral Discourse of Politics: a case study of political talk in everyday life.”
Critics: Jacob Boersema, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen. Paper

March 25: Christian Davenport, “Understanding Untouchability: a Census of 1800 Gujarati Villages.” Critics: Olivier Filleule, Manjusha Nair. Paper

April 8: Sourabh Singh, “Relational Determinants of an Authoritarian State: The Case of the State of Emergency in India, 1975-77.”
Critics: Agatha Beins, Vince Boudreau. Paper

April 15: Michael Hanagan and Miriam Cohen, “Protest, Policy Wonks, and Moments of Opportunity: Social Welfare in England, France and the United States.”
Critics: Kate Krimmel, Jeff Goodwin. Paper

April 22: Carolijn Terwindt, “Prisoner support mobilization: the interpretive battle in the criminal cases of Basque militants, Mapuche activists, and eco-prisoners.”
Critics: Marc Garcelon, Geoffrey Pleyers. Paper

April 29: Philippe Blanchard and Olivier Fillieule, “Fighting together: Assessing the heterogeneity of social movement organizations’ constituencies.”
Critics: Carolijn Terwindt, José Alemàn. Paper

May 6: Nitsan Chorev, “Neutralizing Neoliberalism at the World Health Organization.” Critics: John Krinsky, Yu-Sheng Lin. Paper