Spring 2009

February 5: James M. Jasper, “After the Big Paradigms: Social Movement Theory Today.”
Critics: Sourabh Singh, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

February 19: John Krinsky, “Missing the Marx: Toward a Dialectical, Materialist Approach to Social Movements.”
Critics: François Pierre-Louis, Louis Esparza

February 26: Jamie McCallum, “In Dubious Battle: a case study of the new Labor Transnationalism.”
Critics: John Krinsky, Cecelia Walsh-Russo

March 5: Susan Woodward, “State Failure and the Evolving International Order: Building a State for State-Building.”
Critics: Roy Licklider, Ian Roxborough

March 12: Mehmet Kucukozer, “Skocpol and Peasant Revolts in the Age of Globalization.”
Critics: Jack Hammond, Kate Krimmel

March 19: Kate Krimmel, “Allies or Agents? Rethinking the Relationship between Social Movements and American Political Parties.”
Critics: Andreas Koller, Jim Jasper

March 26: Sun-Chul Kim, “The Power of Movement: Defiant Institutionalization of Social Movements in South Korea.”
Critics: Jose Aleman, Manjusha Nair

April 2: Penny Lewis, “The constraints of class culture–the early years of the Vietnam Antiwar movement in the United States.”
Critics: John Torpey, Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox

April 16: Jan Willem Duyvendak, “Having/making fun as an action repertoire: the Gay Rights and Alterglobalization Movements.”
Critics: Federico Rossi, Tabinda Khan

April 23: Ian Roxborough and Paul Bugyi, “Counterinsurgency and the Global State System.”
Critics: Vince Boudreau, Jim Jasper

April 30: Mona El Ghobashy, “Petition and Protest in Authoritarian Egypt.”
Critics: Eloise Linger, Sun-Chul Kim

May 7: Roy Licklider, “Merging Militaries after Civil War: South Africa, Bosnia, and a Preliminary Search for Theory. “
Critics: Jens Rudbeck, Mike Hanagan

May 14: John L. Hammond, “The Resource Curse and Oil Revenues in Angola and Venezuela.”
Critics: Susan Woodward, Helen Chang