Fall 2012

September 13: John Krinsky and Ann Mische: “Formations and Formalisms: Charles Tilly and the Paradox of the Actor”
Critics: Jim Jasper, A. K. Thompson Paper

September 20: Johanna Siméant: “Familiarity, evaluation and self-censorship on protest practices at the world social forum in Dakar, 2011.”
Critics: John Krinsky, Stephen Ruszczyk Paper

September 27: Alf Nilsen: “Subalternity and Resistance in the Adivasi Heartland.”
Critics: Kevin Moran Paper

October 4: Eduardo Romanos: “The Strategic Use of Humor in the Spanish Indignados Movement.”
Critics: Elizabeth Borland, Emily Campbell Paper

October 11: Vince Boudreau: “Regime Transitions, Anti-dictatorship Struggles, and the Future of Protest in Democratizing Settings”
Critics: John Torpey, David Siegel Paper

October 18: Cecelia Walsh-Russo: “No Fracking Way: The Spread of National and International Anti-Fracking Mobilization.”
Critics: Samantha Majic, Ziad Munson Paper

October 25: Sun-Chul Kim: “Self-immolation as Repertoire: The South Korean Case.”
Critics: Jens Rudbeck, Elke Zuern Paper

November 1: José A. Laguarta Ramírez: “To Learn and to Struggle: Social Movement Unionism and Cadre Organizations in Puerto Rico’s Anti-neoliberal Education Movement”
Critics: Hector Cordero-Guzman, Verónica Perera Paper

November 8: Christopher Gunderson: “From the Lacandon Jungle to Zucotti Park: The Zapatistas and Anti-Capitalist Politics in a ‘Post-Communist’ Age.”
Critics: Gianmarco Savio, Vince Boudreau Paper Letter of Intent

November 15: Olena Nikolayenko: “Non-violent Youth Movements in Post-Communist States.”
Critics: Jane McAlevey, Susan Woodward Paper

November 29: Jane McAlevey: “The Vulnerabilities in the Power Elite.”
Critics: Heidi Swarts, William Kornblum

December 6: Ramón Castellblanch: “Occupy, Unions, and Progressive Taxation.”
Critics: Ian Roxborough, Frances Fox Piven Paper