Fall 2011

September 22: Ruth Milkman and Veronica Terriquez: “We Are the Ones Who Are Out in Front’: Women’s Leadership in the Immigrant Rights Movement.”
Critics: John Krinsky, Erika Iverson. Paper

September 29: No Session. October 6: Jens Rudbeck: “When the Body Does the Protesting.”
Critics: James Jasper, Jane McAlevey. Paper

October 13: Cyanne Loyle and Christian Davenport: “Some Left to Tell the Tale: Finding Perpetrators and Understanding Political Violence.”
Critics: Susan Woodward, Ethan Frisch. Paper

October 20: Heidi Swarts: “Dream of a Common Language: Multi-Class Activism in Faith Based Community Organizing.”
Critics: Laure Bereni, Ziad Munson. Paper

October 27: Christopher M. Sullivan: “Organizing Oppression: Government and the Preemptive Repression of Human Rights.”
Critics: Ian Roxborough. Paper

November 3: John Boy: “The Spatial Practices of Deterritorialized Religion: ‘Church Planters’ in the German Urban Public.”
Critics: Bryan Turner, Fumiko Fukase-Indergaard. Paper

November 10: Jacob Boersema: “Whose Cultural Trauma? Emotional Dynamics of Afrikaners after Apartheid.”
Critics: Guobin Yang, Michael Miller. Paper

November 17: Carolijn Terwindt: “Introduction to: Ethnographies of Contentious Criminalization.”
Critics: Kevin Moran, Jens Rudbeck. Paper

December 1: James Jasper: “Culture and Social Movements- A Book Outline.”
Critics: Elizabeth Borland, Vince Boudreau. Paper