Fall 2010

September 16th: Yu-Sheng Lin: “The Rise and Fall of the Reds: Leadership and Dilemma-Solving in Social Movements.” Paper Table 1
Critics: Kevin Moran, John Krinsky.

September 23rd: Brian Grodsky: “Civil Society in the Shadow of Revolution: The Fate of Pro-Democracy Organizations When Democracy is Won.”
Critics: Jim Jasper, Vince Boudreau. Paper

September 30th: Jim Jasper: “From Macro Opportunities to Micro Mechanisms: Introduction to Volume on Political Opportunities.”
Critics: Marc Garcelon, Nicolas Legewie. Paper

October 7th: Jens Rudbeck: “Social Contract Theory and the Historical Origin of the Social Movement.”
Critics: Jim Jasper. Paper

October 14th: John Krinsky: “Dynamics of Hegemony: Mapping Mechanisms of Cultural and Political Power in the Debates over Workfare in New York City, 1993-1999.”
Critics: Ruth Milkman, Amy Holmes. Paper

October 21st: Clifford Bob: “Globalizing the Culture Wars: The United Nations Battle over Sexual Rights.”
Critics: Kate Krimmel, Elke Zuern. Paper

October 28th: John Torpey: “Resignation, Retreat, Rejection: Secular Modes of Disengagement from the World and their Directions.”
No Critics, No Paper

November 4th: Nicole Doerr: “Listen Carefully: Democracy Brokers at the European Social Forums.”
Critics: Veronica Perera, Nicole Hala. Paper circulated through mailing list.

November 11th: Amy Holmes: “De-democratization and the American Navy in Bahrain.”
Critics: Sun-chul Kim, Ian Roxborough. Paper

November 18th: Ann Mische: “Distilling Deliberation: Civic Contention, Urban Community, and the Production of Commonality in Philadelphia’s Zoning Reform. Project.”
Critics: Laure Bereni, Maya Beasley. Paper Appendix