Fall 2009

September 17: Jeff Manza and Clem Brooks, “Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater? Rethinking Political Sociology’s Neglect of Public Opinion.”
Critics: Jim Jasper, John Krinsky.

September 24: José Alemán and David Yang, “A Duration Analysis of Democratic Transitions and Authoritarian Backslides.”
Critics: Sun-Chul Kim, Marc Garcelon.

October 1: Manjusha Nair, “Social Gains of Union Activism.”
Critics: José Alemán, Heidi Swarts.

October 8: Marc Garcelon, “The Missing Key: Institutions, Networks and the Project of Neoclassical Sociology.”
Critics: John Boy, Jim Jasper.

October 15: Louis Esparza, “Terrorist for a Day: Taking to the Fields of Columbia.” Critics: Vince Boudreau, Lindsay Green- Barber.

October 22: Carlos Piñeyro Nelson, “Abajo y a la izquierda: The political evolution of neozapatism.”
Critics: François Pierre- Louis, Ernesto Castaneda.

October 29: Lindsay Green-Barber, “ICT and Social Movements in a Developing Context: The Case of Indigenous Peoples.”
Critics: John Krinsky, Kate Krimmel.

November 5: François Pierre-Louis, “Governance and Decentralization: Building Empowerment and Local Autonomy in Haiti from the Bottom Up.”
Critics: Jens Rudbeck, Elke Zuern.

November 12: Matthew Mahler, “Meaning, Modality, and Passion in Professional Political Life.”
Critics: Amy Stuart, Kevin Moran.

November 19: Heidi Swarts and Ion Bogdan Vasi, “Which U.S. Cities Adopt Living Wage Ordinances?”
Critics: Beate Sissenich, Matthew Mahler.

December 3: Sun-Chul Kim, “Crisis and Social Movements.”
Critics: Sourabh Singh, Louis Esparza.