Fall 2013 Schedule

September 26: Cecelia Walsh-Russo:  “A ‘Quantum Entanglement:’ Tactical knowledge building and the Anglo-American abolitionist alliance during the 1840s.” [Paper]
Critics: Jim Jasper.

October 3:  Jim Jasper: “Introduction to Players and Arenas.” [Paper]
Critics: Vincent Boudreau, Elke Zuern.

October 10: Sebastian Guzman: “‘Mortgage Installments are Sacred:’ Normalizing and Breaking Normalized Consent to Debt Payment in Chile.” [Paper]
John Krinsky, Sarah Tosh.

October 17: Amy Austin Holmes: “A Revolution in Three Waves: Mass Risings Against the Mubarak Regime, the Military Junta, and the Muslim Brotherhood” [Paper]
Critics: Ahsan Sayed, Susan Woodward.

October 24: Tsveta Petrova: “From Principle to Pragmatism: The Motivational Life Cycle of Transnational Democracy and Human Rights Movements.” [Paper] Critics: John Torpey, Marisa Tramontano.

October 31st: Gabriele Cappelletti: “Reclaiming the Streets: Protest, Repression and Territory in the Cochabamba Water War.” [Paper]
Critics: Sebastian Guzman, Carlos Piñeyro.

November 7: Kumru Toktamis: “Gezi amidst competing authoritarianisms: Paradoxes of Democratization in Turkey.” [Paper]
Critics: Elizabeth Cherry, Jillian Schwedler.

November 14: A. K. Thompson: “Particular New Forms of Realism.” [Paper]
Critics: Luke Elliott, Abby Scher.

November 21: Marcela Gonzalez: “Linking Historical Institutionalism and the Social Approach to Strategy: the Politics of Labor Union Law in Argentina: 1983-1989.” [Paper]
Critics: Ian Roxborough, AK Thompson.

December 12: Mischa Dekker and Jan Willem Duyvendak: “Reclaiming Urban Public Spaces: Protest Form as Means and End in Occupy.” [Paper]
Critics: Ruth Milkman, Cecelia Walsh-Russo.