Fall 2017

Schedule Fall 2017


October 3: Jacob R Boersema, The Global Movement Against Racism: Connections and Contrasts. 

October 17: Tyler Olsen, Rancière, Liberal Democracy, and Play: Moving Beyond Immanent Critique.

October 24: Guya Accornero, Housing and Anti-gentrification movements in Lisbon and New York’s Lower East Side. A Preliminary Comparison.

Discussant: Charlotte Thomas Hébert

October 31: Kumru Totkamis, Entrenchments of Peace that wasn’t. Kurdish Politics in an increasingly authoritarian Turkey and a volatile region.

November 7: Christoph Sorg, “You are not a loan”: Financialization, debt-related grievances, and social movements.

Discussants: Stacy Williams 

November 14: John Krinsky, tba.

November 28: Luke Elliott-Negri, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, James M. Jasper, Marc Kagan, Jessica Mahlbacher, Manès Weisskircher, and Anna Zhelnina, Strategic Time: ???

December 5: André L. L. F. Sales, Activism and Militancy in Brazil: between Repertories and Institutions.